3 Creative Ways To Integrate Rustic Barn Doors Into Your Modern Farmhouse Home

Timeless and just traditional enough, the modern farmhouse design could easily be deemed the most popular interior home design of the century. These interiors are so much fun to bring together because there is a wealth of design attributes that you can pluck and pull to integrate here and there. One of those things that you can add to the space is rustic barn doors. Crafted from rustic-appearing lumber, these doors are just as functional as they are nostalgic and beautiful, but some people have problems figuring out precisely where they should add these doors. Here is a look at some of the best ways to add rustic barn doors to your modern farmhouse design. 

Add a door over a closet opening. 

Many people choose to mount rustic barn doors on rolling tracks so they slide back and forth over the door opening, which is reminiscent of how many barn doors actually open. If you have a closet in your home where you would like to add a bit of farmhouse flair, a small barn door is a perfect way to do just that. The sliding feature is ideal for closets and pantries because it allows for easy access to the space. 

Add a door over the opening to a hall. 

If you have an opening to a hallway that leads to a second part of the house, having a door added to that hallway opening is a cool way to create a sense of more solid division between two sections of the home. Installing a rustic barn door in this fashion is ideal because the doors can be added to sliders. When the door is open, it is still mounted on the wall, so it is naturally a part of the decor in the room.  

Add a dividing door between joining rooms. 

Joining rooms are pretty common in most houses. For example, you may have a dining room and kitchen that are joined by a doorway or a living room and entryway that are adjacent. Try adding a rustic barn door or set of narrow barn doors between these adjoining rooms for a totally different appeal. Sliding doors are a common choice in these areas because they are easy to maneuver. Not only will you have a door to separate the rooms when needed, but you will also have a new room attribute that will highlight the overall farmhouse design of the house. 

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