Glass Window Repair That May Be Needed For Cracked Glass In Your Entry Door

If the glass window on your entry door is damaged by flying debris, you'll want to have the window repaired as soon as possible. A window that has a crack in it could fail and fall out if you slam the door. Plus, if the crack is very big, outside air could leak through and affect the energy efficiency of your home. A cracked entry door window is also unattractive and makes your home look neglected. A glass window repair company can send a technician to your home to repair or replace a bad window. Here's how it's done.

Repair A Tiny Chip Or Crack

A tiny crack or chip may not seem that bad, but quick repairs are needed so the crack doesn't expand and get worse. A chip can send out cracks too, and it's hard to predict when it will happen or if it ever will. When damage is small, the window repair technician might be able to fill the crack with a filler that stabilizes it so the crack or chip doesn't get worse. The clear filler is nearly invisible when the repairs are done and it saves the cost of a window replacement.

Replace The Damaged Glass

Repairs are nearly invisible, but they can be noticeable in the right lighting. If you don't want an imperfection on your glass, or if the crack is a big one, the technician must replace the glass. The technician might be able to do this without taking your door down, but if the window is large and heavy, they might take the door down so it's easier for them to handle the glass so they don't drop and break it.

The first step is to remove the screws holding the frame in place. There are screws all around the frame that have caps on them to keep them camouflaged. The repair technician pops the caps off and removes the screws. They can then pull the frame off while being careful not to let the glass fall. They may need to use a utility knife to cut through paint and adhesive to release the glass. The glass is easy to pull out once the adhesive is released.

The old glass is set aside to be hauled away and the glass window repair technician cleans up the opening by scraping away residual adhesive and debris so the new glass makes a tight bond. Putting in the new glass is a matter of setting it in the opening and replacing the frame with screws and caps. It's tricky work if the technician is working alone, so taking the door off and replacing the glass on a flat surface may be necessary.

For more information, contact a glass window supply store near you.