6 Problems You Can Avoid With The Installation Of Automated Handicap Access Control Features

Healthcare facilities need to meet the needs of handicapped patients by investing in facility features that ensure easy facility access. Having automated handicap access control features installed at your healthcare facility is one of the best things you can do to avoid problems that handicap access needs can present. 

The following are six problems that you'll be able to avoid with the installation of automated handicap access control features. 

Challenges for your patients when they're seeking healthcare

Getting needed healthcare services at your facility is essential for your patients to stay healthy. If handicapped patients have trouble accessing your facility, they may be less likely to get the services they need. As a result, patient health can be compromised. 

Having an automated handicap access system installed makes the lives of your patients easier and maximizes the chances that patients will always get needed care. 

Injury risk

Patients could experience injuries when coming in and out of your facilities if you don't have any automated access control features installed. Such injuries not only harm your patients but also may lead to liability lawsuits against your organization. 

Lack of compliance with the Americans with Disability Act

Many facilities need to install automated access control features that assist handicapped patients in particular so that they can adhere here to the stipulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

It's important to familiarize yourself with the requirements you need to meet according to the Americans with Disability Act so that you keep your facility compliant. 

Energy loss

When you don't have any automated access control features that assist handicapped individuals, you may find that doors to your facility often have to be propped open for long periods of time. This lets conditioned air on the interior of your facility out and can thereby detract from the HVAC efficiency of your facility. 

Patient complaints

If you are in charge of a healthcare facility, you want to keep your patients happy. The lack of an automated access control system can make it difficult to keep your handicapped patients happy and comfortable when they visit you for an appointment. 

Poor facility security

Leaving doors propped open to allow for easier handicap access can make it more difficult to control who's going in and out of your facility. This leads to security breaches. You can keep your facility more secure with the help of an access control installation that gives you complete control over who's coming in and going out.