Why Dock Leveler Installation Is Necessary For Your Loading Bay

Loading docks are a huge part of any business because they facilitate the movement of goods in and out of the warehouse. A loading dock that isn't level with the ground or has gaps can be very dangerous because it can cause injury and damage to people and goods that fall on it. That's why dock leveler installation is crucial. This article discusses why you need to have this piece of equipment installed in your loading bay.

Handles Heavy Loads

If your business handles heavy loads daily, you need to install dock levelers. They're an essential part of any loading bay and often are required by code for new construction. The levelers you need will depend on the heavy loads that your facility handles and what type of vehicles access the area. If your loading bay has a high volume of trucks, forklift traffic throughout the day, and multiple vehicles, heavy-duty models can be a great option. On the other hand, if it handles a small number of vehicles and trucks, lightweight models will work well. An installer can help you select the best leveler for your facility if you're not sure which one is right for your establishment.

Absorbs Shock

A dock leveler works as a shock absorber that reduces the stress on your loading bay. When trucks drive down onto an uneven surface, their tires can bounce and jostle the items being loaded or unloaded from them. This bouncing movement creates shock waves for delicate cargo like glassware, electronics and appliances and can result in breakages while they move through a loading area. Dock levelers absorb these shocks and reduce the risk of breakage.

Increases Productivity

A common loading bay is likely to have a slightly inclined surface that may cause trucks and cargo to roll slowly on uneven terrain. This wastes a lot of time that can impact the overall productivity of a warehouse. Dock levelers ensure that truck drivers have a smooth and flat surface to drive on, making it easy to access the loading bay quickly. This makes for faster load times and quick turnaround when unloading cargo or receiving deliveries at your warehouse or distribution center. It also reduces operating costs because it lowers the risk of breakage or injury.

Having levelers on your loading bay also improves convenience. Drivers can drop off their shipments quickly and continue onto other deliveries instead of waiting in line to receive goods that are being unloaded one truck at a time. Levelers can also reduce the strain on your employees because they provide safe access to cargo.

Dock leveler installation is necessary for your loading bay. They make work easier and create a safer environment for you, your employees and cargo. Having them can contribute to the long-term success of your company.